Our Facility Matches Our Passion

Fells Point Wholesale Meats

Fells Point Wholesale Meats is located in a clean, modern facility on 2730 Wilmarco Avenue.

Positioned on the outskirts of Baltimore City and convenient to I-95, our building houses our sales staff, administrative team and most importantly, the processing department and gigantic walk-in refrigerators and freezers.

Our self-contained processing floor allows Fells Point Wholesale Meats to stay ahead of demand while producing custom cuts for every client. In addition, our shrink wrapping machine keeps our product fresh.

The doors to our facility open at 3 am, and provide easy access for tractor-trailers and delivery trucks of all sizes. Drivers get in, and get back on the road quickly.

For directions, or to set up an account, contact us today at 410-539-5600.