The American Dream Imported from Holland

Fells Point Wholesale Meats

Erik Ooserwijk and Leo Pruissen grew up in Holland, but didn't meet each other until much later in life when they came to the United States.

Erik grew up in a butcher shop, watching the professionals at work and attended butcher trade school where he would hone his skills. He would eventually immigrate to America in 1982.

Leo's early life was spent working on his father's farm, which was situated near Amsterdam. During the summer he would work in a butcher shop and eventually attended butcher's school. In 1985, he arrived in America.

The duo met when they were working for a food wholesaler and restaurant distributor in Washington, DC.

Later, Erik opened Fells Point Wholesale Meats in the Broadway Market in Baltimore and Leo came on board as his partner.

Their business flourished, and the duo became well known in Baltimore and Washington DC for the quality of their meats, the custom cuts they produced, and the dedication to their craft.

The next move was to Little Italy, but rapid growth and a flourishing restaurant trade created the need for more room. Moving to Morell Park in Southwest Baltimore, Fells Point Wholesale Meats now occupies a modern production plant.

Today, Leo and Erik continue to oversee every step of their operation, training a new generation of butchers with a blend of modern technology and Old World craftsmanship.

As their great American success story continues to unfold, the duo remain dedicated to providing their customers and clientele with fresh, custom cut meats and a variety of other food products.