Transform the Center of your Plate into Center Stage

Fells Point Wholesale Meats

Our Suppliers
Fells Point Wholesale Meats is proud to offer only the highest-quality proteins from suppliers who reflect our commitment to quality, and match our drive to exceed your expectations. We're a wholesale meat distributor, and much more.

Our Custom Cut
Fells Point Wholesale Meats offers custom cuts for the entire selection of our quality meats from whole tenderloins to Frenched pork chops. Your order will be cut and vacuum packed to your exact specifications.

Our Daily Grind
In addition to custom cut products, Fells Point Wholesale Meats offers ground beef that is freshly ground every day.

The secret to our award-winning grinds is that all the meat we use is domestic, grain fed chucks, shoulders, briskets, and short rib. We are happy to make custom grinds to your specifications.

Our ground beef is available in 10-pound bulk bags or already formed into two- to 10-ounce patties.

Our Door-to-Door Delivery
You can choose to have the meat delivered to you as is, or processed by our team of professional butchers. You can be sure that your orders will be delivered to your kitchen daily, on time and ready to be prepared.