Vande Rose Farms

Vande Rose hams begin with superior Duroc hogs, a 175-year-old heritage breed prized for its high level of marbling that creates a naturally moist and tender texture. Vande Rose pigs are kept on a strict 100% all-natural vegetarian diet to ensure they maintain good health for the processing of tender, top quality meat. From birth to production, they are never administered antibiotics, growth hormones, or animal byproducts of any kind. •At harvest time, each pig is hand-selected for ideal profile and weight. This is just one of many quality checks to ensure the highest quality, uniform products. •During processing, to amplify the natural pork flavors, Vande Rose uses centuries-old recipes for home-made ham rubs and cures. These simple mixtures of all-natural, phosphate-free seasonings create the famous artisan taste. No water is added to Vande Rose meats, so the hams retain their maximum flavor, juiciness, and dense, meaty texture.