Murray’s Chicken

Certified Humane: Raised & Handled • No Antibiotics • No Growth Drugs • No Hormones • No Animal By-Products • All-Vegetable Diet • Sustainably Raised • Room to Grow • Earth-Friendly Packaging • No Preservatives Murray’s signature breed is fed an all-natural vegetable diet that, combined with plenty of exercise, makes their birds the leanest on the market. Murray’s antibiotic-free chicken became the first to be certified ""Lean"" by the American Heart Association. Even today, Murray’s is the only chicken to be labeled ""Lean"" by the USDA. Murray’s chickens are humanely raised in a nurturing, stress-free environment with plenty of space to roam, which eliminates the need for antibiotics. Chickens raised in stressful and confined living conditions require antibiotics for the prevention and treatment of diseases.